Not Pouting For Selfies Either?

This is a scary time in the world, and I believe people need to feel connected to muddle through. This is a brief piece about where on earth I’m coming from…

I personally haven’t had an honest-to-Goodness conversation about the nitty-gritty of my life with any of my close friends in a while. We have been in contact, and Top Stories were shared blah blah, but I don’t know how anyone really feels about anything these days. Conversations tend to occur through the messaging medium, and are often disjointed. While they often take weeks to complete (if ever), they are tragically lacking the real, good old nitty-gritty. And I ask you, without that, what’s the bloody point? We all make small talk day in our daily lives, and thanks to the limited word count on social media, emojis, grumpy faced reactions, and likes, the main connections we have with friends and family are too categorised to be authentic.

My oldest and dearest friend is buying her first house and she’s… wait, how did she sum it up..? Oh yes. she is stressed. “It’s very stressful.” I don’t know about that cosy room she can’t wait to put her millions of books in or the likely water stain on the ceiling that furrows her brow whenever she looks at it. I just get the headline; Stressful!

My next best friend just had a baby, lives far away and was never great with the texts to begin with. I’d wager she’s probably rather stressed too though… Wild guess! Perhaps Frenzied might describe her situation better, but I can’t be sure.

Next, we have my other friend who has just left the country after some tough times with drug abuse and addiction. Probably quite stressed because her parting words on messenger were “Quiet life, no more stress”… She is one of the best conversationalists I have ever met. We used to talk for hours about psychoanalysis, sociology and anthropology (we met in college and studied these things so it’s not as random as it sounds). She is always active on Facebook, and yet says she hasn’t “really been talking to anyone”.

Another great conversation wizard of a friend had the gall to get married and famous and I think I’ll have to start getting chummy with his bodyguards if I ever want to have a cup of coffee with him. Some people! He’s fond of twitter I believe. So it’s probably fair to say he’s not saying much of anything to anyone either.

I’m getting divorced. It’s painful, shit and kind of like a bad sequel to the originally bad Break-Up, I always believed that fortune favoured the strong and silent. As it turns out that is probably total bullshit! I need to get this stuff out and I thought maybe others do too.

Anybody else out there not pouting for selfies, counting compliments and trending trends? If you’re there I’m here.

Happy Chinwags,

Josephine Blue x

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